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Answers to common questions may be found below. Simply click on a question to reveal the answer.

However, if you need further assistance, you may call our Customer Support Center at 336.940.4405 or 1.877.751.5755.

Debit/ATM Cards

How do I change my PIN?
My ATM card is not working, what should I do?
My debit card has been lost or stolen. What do I do?

Online Banking

I cannot login to Online Banking.
What if I've forgotten my current Username or password?
What are the technical requirements for Online Banking?
Why does some text in Online Banking overlap?

Web Bill Pay

Where can I find Web Bill Pay?


How do I sign up for e-Statements?


What is the number for Telebanc?
I've lost my Telebanc ID, who should I contact?
I called the number and created a new Telebanc PIN, but now I've forgotten it, what should I do?