Scam/Fraud Alerts

Fraudulent Debit Card Text Messages, 4/30/2013

In the last few days Bank of the Carolinas has started getting questions about text messages being received in reference to our debit cards.  All of the text messages appear to be from "Smi One Card" and we have found that various telephone numbers are being texted which include 310-362-3258, 704-498-0561, 402-295-5007, 321-207-9559, 800-336-6344, and 800-235-1381, most of which have been disconnected. It appears that these phone numbers are being setup and then taken down quickly and they are constantly changing.

If you call these telephone numbers back, they have automated messages that state your debit card has been limited due to internal security problems and if you listen through the message the caller is instructed to enter the last four digits of their social security number. Please be aware that Bank of the Carolinas is not sending these text messages and do not call the phone numbers or provide any of your personal/financial information. Bank of the Carolinas does not report security issues by text messages and our debit cards have not been compromised.