Scam/Fraud Alerts

Card-Skimming Devices Found At ALDI Stores, 10/14/2010

Bank of the Carolinas is committed to the safety of our customers and their money.  To that end, we want to make you aware of a security issue that could include your Bank of the Carolinas debit or check card. 

As has been widely reported in recent days, a large retail grocery chain announced that the debit card readers in a number of its stores in the eastern United States were found to have been corrupted with card-skimming devices.  These devices read and record the information stored on the magnetic stripe on the back of cards used at that reader.  The skimmer also records the user's Personal Identification Number (PIN) when it is entered on the reader and sends all of this information to the person that placed the skimmer on the reader.

Although these thefts that occurred at the grocery store locations were totally outside of Bank of the Carolinas' control, we have taken measures to protect our customers.  We are notifying affected cardholders and are closing all compromised cards.  Replacement cards are being ordered and delivered to the affected customers free of charge.  Cardholders are not responsible for unauthorized fraudulent charges made by third parties provided that they notify the Bank promptly after the charges occur.

Again, we want to assure all of our customers that Bank of the Carolinas was not responsible for this incident, nor is the affected grocery chain an agent, vendor, or affiliate of the Bank.  Your financial information is secure with us.