One of our savings plans is sure to be the right choice for you or your family.

Carolinas Savings

With a $50 deposit, you can open a traditional savings account and start earning interest today.

Carolinas Money Market

This account offers a competitive interest rate and gives you the ability to make automatic transfers online to or from your checking account. A minimum balance for $1,000 is required. Call today to get our most current money market rates.

Holiday Savings Club

Set aside money for the holidays now and the New Year will be much nicer. You need only a $5 deposit to open a holiday savings account and a deposit a week or $20 a month. Your money plus interest will automatically be mailed to you in November.

Certificates of Deposit

Open your CD today with one of the lowest required minimum balances around - as low as $500. You can pick from a wide range of terms, from 90 days to five years. We'll help you select the maturity that serves your needs best. Call or stop by to find out our current rates and terms.